Ishan gangakhedkar

We at Strategy Cues, ensure that your distribution strategy is optimized to allow maximum flow through. The focus is to leverage the distribution strength even in volatile market conditions. We determine the key fundamentals of pricing, inventory and revenue optimization that creates a stable distribution framework from a long term perspective.

distribution efficiency

Distribution efficiency: We ensure that the hotel systems are aligned to sync ARI seamlessly as per the partner needs and that of the business

Rate Parity: We are focused on maintaining consistent rates across all distribution channels with zero (negligible) rate leakages. Thereby ensuring higher ROI on direct campaigns and strong returns on brand promotions.

Direct Bookings: We have a consistent track record of higher conversion rates through direct channels. Emails, direct calls, brand website as well as the sales leads conversion will be our key focus for developing strategies and sustainable SOPs.

Price reaction:Our dynamic ARI sync allows you to adjust the promotions, inventory, room type names, promotion inclusions based on the price reaction from the guests. The meticulous data tracking points allow us to implement strong distribution strategies for hotels with 100 to even 1,000 room keys properties.

Meta Search optimization:Premium ranking, content, offer disposal on key meta platforms is one of the focal points for Strategy Cues. We ensure that traffic volume and quality is closely measured on these channels.

OTA conversions:Strong brand presence on key OTA platforms and outperforming the competition on OTA networks is one of the core competency of our strategy. We ensure that these channels assist the hotels to improve the market penetration as well as allow high yielding opportunities.

distribution efficiency
John Simson
Assistant Director of Sales and Marketing, JW Marriott
Ishan and me have worked together for about 4+ years, but I've known him for about 11, I've seen him learn, implement and grow through the many years, working & managing single unit properties or massive hotel clusters, in challenging times. Through it all he has emerged to be a great asset for an organization, a great leader to his fellow colleagues and a genuine person to work along with. I can confidently say, he will not let you down.