business solutions.

We are committed to offering our partners a transparent, user friendly, agile and replicable strategic framework based on an analytical foundation derived from our extensive experience

Revenue management.

Strategic Cues specializes in helping you spot opportunities to optimize revenue across all your verticals. We will work with you to develop robust and long term commercial strategies that will unleash the true business potential and further improve the profit conversions.

Online distribution.

We at Strategy Cues, ensure that your distribution strategy is optimized to allow maximum flow through. The focus is to leverage the distribution strength even in volatile market conditions. We determine the key fundamentals of pricing, inventory and revenue optimization that creates a stable distribution framework from a long term perspective.

Digital marketing.

We develop and implement detailed digital marketing strategies with focused and pre-determined business objectives aligned with the revenue management and distribution objectives. We aim to not only drive superior brand website conversions but also improve the overall direct booking eco system.

Preopening strategies.

"We partner for comprehensive pre-opening and opening commercial services"

New properties have critical timelines and need robust revenue management framework, online distribution setup and a clear digital marketing vision. Strategy Cues has the ability and experience to craft and implement a holistic property focused plan incorporating the same.

Strategy Cues has worked on a number of pre-opening projects in its past avatar. It has developed commercial strategies that have delivered superior results in highly competitive markets like Dubai, Muscat and Doha.

The focus is on optimal property positioning that unlocks the revenue potential and reduces the ramp up period in a highly competitive environment.

  • Competitive positioning
  • Commercial strategy with revenue management framework
  • Digital marketing plan
  • Brand integrations
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Room type and rate plan structure
  • Recruitment assistance
  • Training and onboarding
  • P&L Simulations

Turnaround strategies.

"We consult and implement Turnaround Management consultancy services"

Strategy Cues has worked on 11 turnaround projects in its past avatar over a span of 6 years. It has engaged, innovated and converted with a number of key brands to develop commercial strategies that delivered superior results in highly competitive markets of Middle East, India and Africa.

For each project, Strategy Cues develops a property focused intensive strategy plan, which empowers a complete repositioning while focusing on key USPs. This is followed by a clear vision articulated to the management teams that energizes the positive outlook and ensures business continuity.

We seek active partners who are keen to improve the performance in any of the below scenarios.

  • If a property is underperforming on commercial commitments.
  • If a property is underperforming on financial commitments.
  • If a property is going through a distress phase.
  • If a property is expected to go through a management change.
  • If a property is planning a brand conversion.
  • If a property needs insights on GOP, NOP, Cashflow or market share.