We develop robust and long term commercial strategies for your hotel to unleash its true business potential and make it “Future Ready”.

Ishan gangakhedkar

Frequently asked questions.

Revenue management.

  • Do you work with pre-opening hotels for commercial strategies?
  • How many days does it take for Strategy Cues to implement the best practices?
  • Does the Strategy Cues team need to be based at the hotel for developing and implementing commercial strategies?
  • Does Strategy Cues consult hotels in recruitment and training?
  • As an asset owner, can Strategy Cues represent us to review the commercial performance of our portfolio?
  • Can we hire your services only for specific services required for our hotel, such as – competitive positioning, OTA optimization, brand website performance, rate parity etc.
  • Can Strategy Cues work with us to develop a budget and forecast for rooms and other departments?
  • Can you assist our hotel in developing commercial strategies during renovation period?

Online Distribution.

  • How can Strategy Cues help us to improve direct bookings?
  • Can Strategy Cues help in improving my and performance as we are lagging v/s our competition?
  • Does Strategy Cues team assist hotels on improving rate parity?
  • Can Strategy Cues help us in write ups and media release articles for revenue management, distribution and digital marketing?

Digital Marketing.

  • Can Strategy Cues create a website for our hotel?
  • Can you work alongside our marketing team and third party agencies in developing digital strategies?
  • Does Strategy Cues team have the feasibility of outsourcing our complete digital marketing department?
  • Do you consult hotels on social media marketing i.e. Instagram, facebook, twitter etc.?